Window Vent Testing

The Building Regulations Part L1 and L2 2006 will require that all windows in domestic and commercial buildings will be fitted with a vent.

These may be trickle vents, glazed in vents or overframe vents.

The vent shall be supplied with the equivalent free area at 1Pa stated either on the vent or on it's packaging.

The equivalent free area is determined in accordance with BS EN 13141:2006 Part 1 "Ventilation for Buildings - Performance testing of components / products for residential ventilation - Part 1: Externally and internally mounted air transfer devices".


Nothing is potentially more serious, disruptive or fatal than a building failure arising from defects, breakages or leakages.

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Trading Standards Testing

The Trading Standards officers of all County Councils have a very wide range of products and services to check on.

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There are many new building products being introduced and they all require adequate testing.

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