Windows & Cladding Testing

So what do you expect of your windows?

That they will let in light but not rainwater or draughts.

That they will open easily and stay where you put them.

That they will allow some ventilation even when closed.

That they will be secure and lockable.

That the double glazing won't mist up when it's cold outside.

And that your cladding will be weathertight and mechanically secure.

Some of the tests we can offer during Windows and Cladding Testing, either on-site or in our laboratory's building testing facilities, are:

· Weather tightness including air permeability

· Water tightness and wind resistance

· Water vapour permeability

· Strength

· Impact resistance

· Durability

· Fit-for-purpose testing and assessment

· Defect Surveys

· Safety testing

· Impact and type testing and assessment of glazing units to BS 6180, BS 6206 and BS 6262

· Air-leakage testing

B.I.T.S. are proud to advise that we are also one of the few specialist building testing and investigation companies that can offer on-site water spray testing of systems to field test AAMA 501.2.


Nothing is potentially more serious, disruptive or fatal than a building failure arising from defects, breakages or leakages.

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Trading Standards Testing

The Trading Standards officers of all County Councils have a very wide range of products and services to check on.

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There are many new building products being introduced and they all require adequate testing.

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