B.I.T.S. Services

B.I.T.S. Specialist Experts:

Mr K. S. Grewal - Raised Access Floors/air leakage
Mr R. P. Fryer - Building Products/systems and Components/insulation materials
Mr C. D. Loraine - Building Products. Mechanical & Pressure Testing
Mr O. Ralph - Thermal Conductivity/Testing of gas & water pipes

Some of the services, test facilities and areas of expertise that B.I.T.S. are involved in are shown below:-

· Air Leakage systems - Platform floor plenums, air grille flow, ductwork, air tightness and window infiltration.

· Barriers - Building Regulations Document K for car park vehicle and pedestrian barriers, HMSO publications for crush barriers, handrails and other crowd control elements in stadiums.

· Cladding & Windows - Weather and water tightness, impact resistance, failure investigations.

· Dimensional Testing - Coefficient of thermal linear expansion and dimensional stability.

· Environmental Monitoring and laboratory testing under various conditions.

· Foams - Thermal, Physical Properties, Closed Cell.

· Glass and Glazing Testing to BS6206, BS5544, DIN 52290, Dewpoints, Safety Glass approval.

· High Pressures - Hydraulic, hydrostatic and pneumatic pressure testing.

· IP Ratings - Dust and Water Penetration.


Nothing is potentially more serious, disruptive or fatal than a building failure arising from defects, breakages or leakages.

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Trading Standards Testing

The Trading Standards officers of all County Councils have a very wide range of products and services to check on.

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There are many new building products being introduced and they all require adequate testing.

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