Pressure Testing of Plastic Pipes and Fittings

As a driver, how many times have you cursed when you are held up at temporary traffic lights where a stack of blue, yellow or brown pipes are being laid?

You've probably guessed that the blue ones are for water, the yellow for gas and the brown for drainage and waste water.

Well, perhaps you should be grateful that, thanks to BITS, the chances of you being held up at the same place shortly afterwards because a pipe has failed have been minimised.

Who would have thought that plastic pipe testing would be so helpful to the motorist!

B.I.T.S. has a fully equipped, modern pressure product testing facility for the testing of plastic pipes used in the Gas and Water industries. As well as gas pipe testing and water pipe testing, B.I.T.S. also performs HDPE pipe testing, PVC-U pipe testing, PE pipe testing, and pressure pipe testing.

There are nine temperature controlled water baths and a total of 102 pressure test points available in our facility.

The joints between sections of pipe are alco critical to the integrity of pipe installations. B.I.T.S. performs a range of joint testing including push fit pipe fitting testing and electro fusion fitting testing.


Nothing is potentially more serious, disruptive or fatal than a building failure arising from defects, breakages or leakages.

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Trading Standards Testing

The Trading Standards officers of all County Councils have a very wide range of products and services to check on.

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There are many new building products being introduced and they all require adequate testing.

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