Building Products, Systems and Components Testing

The Building Products testing that we perform tests the various systems and components to a wide range of British and European Standards and bespoke specifications, both in the laboratory and on site across the whole of the UK.

Some building product testing work may include 'type testing' for assessment of product conformity. As a Construction Products Regulations Nominated laboratory B.I.T.S. has all the necessary experience and skills. You can see some examples of building products and components tested here. We also specialise in on-site inspection of building products, quality control testing of building products, and building product evaluation.

Alternatively, our vast specialist knowledge and hands on experience means we can devise non-standard, ad-hoc simulated environmental or accelerated tests based on your specific and unique requirements. You can relax, secure in the knowledge that any bespoke test constructed by us will not only conform to all the required regulations - it will also be the best custom test your requirements demand.


Nothing is potentially more serious, disruptive or fatal than a building failure arising from defects, breakages or leakages.

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Trading Standards Testing

The Trading Standards officers of all County Councils have a very wide range of products and services to check on.

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There are many new building products being introduced and they all require adequate testing.

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